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Thursday, 4 April 2013

only students MD UKM at AUCMS can judge


2 3 hari lepas aku terbaca benda ni kat satu forum...diaorang berdiskusi tentang MD UKM at AUCMS...

perbualan dimulakan dengan ada orang tanya pasal MD UKM yang ada kat AUCMS...

"I have something to ask about md ukm hope someone doesn't mind to tell me more about this course. Actually i has been offered md ukm by JPA this year. i was quite happy but still got a bit worries because i never heard about this university before. can i know whether the AUCMS-UKM md course is accredited by MMC and MQA? i only find AUCMS-USU medical degree is in the list of MQA and MMC but didn't see AUCMS-UKM.erm...i heard that we will get UKM cert after we finish the degree, is it real? they will provide us hostel for 5 years or first year only? 
AUCMS medical degree good or not? i heard many ppl complaining about the uni,is it real?"

then ada orang reply..

"Don't bash me, people, this is just my point of view.

AUCMS's logo itself looks like some sorta kiddish looking college. The students and staff are mostly dominated by race M (you know what I mean, and no, I'm not trying to be racist here, just stating it in case the Thread Starter is ignorant of it) and the English standards there are somewhat low from what I have observed. And in my opinion it's one of the lowest level "approved" medical schools in Malaysia, apart from the ones sending people to some isolated Russian med school in the middle of nowhere. sweat.gif 

btw, every freaking AUCMS person I've been interacting with have extremely low level of English usage, a bit like those typical Malaysians who speak crappy English thinking that they're very fluent in it. What doing do? Sori I dont understand what you speaking, my english very lemah, etc. sweat.gif And the reviews of that place are just plain terrible. I'd totally avoid that place if I were you.

Even the freaking people in charge of AUCMS's Facebook page do not speak professionally, you ask questions in English, they either don't reply you or reply to you in BM (and I wouldn't really mind if they replied in PROPER Malay, they replied in what we call as Bahasa SMS, that's rather stupid for a college's official Facebook page, don't you think?)"

kalau nak baca selanjutnya, sila tengok kat SINI

and here what i'm saying...

"Hye..who are you to speak about our college or to be specific about MD UKM at AUCMS? Are u one of the student there? I think no! You are just stranger who dont know anything and judge like you know Everything..and thank god AUCMS admin realize about this people who comment in this forum...only MD UKM AUCMS students can judge it!!! 
and for those who wanna ask about MD UKM at AUCMS, u can ask me or my classmates or my senior or my junior..only us know about that course...don't need to ask someone who doesn't know anything and answer you like they know everything"
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