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Friday, 15 June 2012

ayam TANPA kepala

korang pernah dengar lipas tanpa kepala tak??? lipas tuu boleh hidup kan kan kan tanpa kepala dia.......(tuu da common....)

yang ni plak, AYAM TANPA KEPALA BOLEH HIDUP.....ok, macam mana tuu?????????????

Miracles happen. For a five and half months old rooster, there would not really be many ways to gather dust and fame in our world. But on the 10th of September 1945, destiny had a certain way with Mike. Using a sharp axe, farmer Lloyd Olsen decided on preparing Mike for the night's supper. However, bringing the tool down did chop off the rooster, but did not prepare it for Mr. Olsen's kitchen, as the rooster, did not seem to mind the incident for more than a while, and went around pecking for food headless. Most of a chicken's reflex actions are controlled by the brain stem. Purely by freakish accident of the nature Mike's half of the brain stem and one ear remained intact. Mike received food and water through a eyedropper. Hence, was born the ordeal and legend of a headless rooster. Mike not only lived on for another eighteen months, but also went on to a healthy 8lbs from an initial 2lbs. The rooster won a place in the Guinness book of records, priced itself at $10,000, insured at another $10,000 and brought himself a manager as he tagged off to a tour to New York, LA and Atlantic City. Unfortunately it was at the end of one of these tours, when Mike passed away, leaving behind a legacy of remembrance and respect for Mike's will for survival.

macam itu la ceritanya....hehe......so, nothing is impossible....jika Allah kata jadi, maka jadi la ia....
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