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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Cake in Jar Malaysian Team


"we hereby would like to collect as many as possible for the seller cake or cake lovers. And our 

mission is to keep this cake product quality and HALAL. to anyone who is interested to become 

our member, can contact our admin"

korang dijemput join group INI

and the owner of this group are looking for supplier in malaysia to make a business in this community... must

follow the market price of our community market .. because quality and HALAL  is our priority

if interested, please join this group Cake In Jar Malaysian Team or you can contact 0195666824 (chef 


so ladies...this is our opportunity..korang kalau nak jadi agen 

jual cake in jar ni pun boleh...dan kalau tak tau macam mana 

caranya, korang boleh contact terus dengan chef belalang, 

ataupun join group tuu....segala pertanyaan, InsyaAllah akan



p/s : group ni masih dalam proses untuk dibangunkan....nanti ada apa2 update, aku bagitau lain....and jangan lupa join group ni ^^

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