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Friday, 6 May 2011

love quotes for him

assalamualaikum...entry sebelum aku tido....aku just nak share ngan korang benda ni....

everyday i get more afraid,
afraid of giving my heart away,
scared of what love will bring,
too nervous to hear the words you will say,
i find myself lost in you,
i see the looks that you give,
and wonder what you see in me,
i don;t want my heart broken,
but, i'm so in love,
i can't seem to give up,
please don't let me down,
for i'm giving you a chance,
to turn my life around,
don't take it for granted,
coz it might not last long,
i have weak thought,
and my heart isn't too strong,
i'm putting my life in your hands,
now it's all up to you,
i look forward to the place we go,
and the things we'll be put through,
but remember that i'm vulnerable,
and i can't stand to be hurt,
i want to be at the top of your list,
but i don't have to be the first,
believe me when i tell you,
that i love with all my heart,
that i'm here for you forever and always,
just like i was at the start...

gud night all....zzz
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