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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dos and Don’ts of Shaving

The Dos
Do clean it first Make sure the surface of the underarm skin is clean to avoid infection of any kind. Use a gentle body cleanser.

Do exfoliate in advance This gets rid of dead skin cells and allows for a closer shave. Choose a mild body exfoliator or use a gentle washcloth.

Do shave in the right direction Look at the hair and determine the direction it is growing. Shave according to that direction. Hair that is removed in the opposite direction will cause germs to get into the pores, leading to inflammation and clogged pores. Not a pretty sight, not a nice feeling.

Do raise your arms up When shaving, raise your arms above your head. This helps to straighten the skin and gives you the most access for a more thorough and careful shave.

Do shave at night
 This way, you can apply your body lotion straight after and use the rest of the night for the skin to recover. Plus, you are less likely to sweat at night so this keeps the area cleaner for longer.

The Don’ts
Don’t shave when the area is dry
 This can further damage your skin and cause an even more serious case of infection. Always wet the area first or apply a shaving cream for a more gentle and effective shave.

Don’t use a blunt shaver Bad idea! Not only does it not do a great job it leaves your skin even more damaged and prickly due to your hair not being removed completely. Always use a sharp razor for a smooth, close shave. 

Don’t run the blade over the same area too much Repeated shaving of the same area is a major cause of skin irritation and razor burn. This spells damaged skin and multiple inflammations. Instead, use a shaving gel to allow for easy tracking of the shaved area.

Don’t forget to rinse your razor
 You don’t want to go over your skin with a dirty razor so rinse between each shave strokes. This removes hair that has been accumulated between blades. Shave in a bathroom so it is easier to do this.

Don’t forget the aftercare Moisturize straight after you shave to restore any lost moisture that is bound to happen when you shave as well as recreate the skin’s natural moisture barrier that you’ve just shaved off. This will reduce irritation and leave your skin super silky and smooth. 

Don’t forget to use the right deodorant When using deodorant, choose one with moisturizing ingredients to further protect your underarm skin. Things like avocado oil, hyaluronic acid and moisturizing creams can prevent damages, inflammations, and yes, even chicken skin!
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