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Friday, 17 April 2015

School Based Assesment

School based assessment is a form of evaluation of a holistic, cognitive aspects of assessment (intellect), affective (emotional spiritual &) and psychomotor (physical) in line with national education Philosophy assessing the academic PBS and non-academic.

The LATTER refers to a test given by the teacher to the students after the end of topic learning. Tests given tested with a variety of BANDS from the Band 1 to 6 Bands of different difficulty and the question of which vary according to the needs of achievement outlined. "

If reviewed more thoroughly, PBS actually have long assessed through the granting of homework, quizzes, projects, oral tests and a variety of activities involving student learning either in or outside the classroom. Improvement of the SBA conducted last year sets out standards and application usage management system PBS (SPPBS) for the purpose of recording student achievement on an ongoing basis.

PBS if reviewed more depth is actually good but the effectiveness to the development of students is likely to be limited. There are several problems involved in ' processdevelopment/students ' with the use of the PBS system at school from their point of view. Among them is a system of learning and teaching in class is limited, student problems and remove the time and waste paper.

All relevant parties in the realization of this LATTER system should review all, true or not a teacher be able to assess the level of student achievement through SBA test alone, while many from among the teachers themselves are still not able to integrate PBS very well. In addition, the student will not be serious to learn and will be a lot of play because they know the subject they learn will not be evaluated in large exam.

Not want to support the Government's efforts in the use of the PBS system, but the development of students actually could not be measured by the quantity and qualitative. In the opinion of their views, this is also not the PBS system helps to reduce teachers ' workload, but also add in terms of clerical work teachers location ... teachers and less time figuring out a range of activities that could be of interest to students in the process of P&P if already occupied with this PBS system.
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