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Friday, 17 April 2015

A National Treasure

Exploration of forest illegally is frequently bandied society since the end of late. This has aroused concern among environmentalists and even society as a whole. The authorities had implemented various measures to ensure forest exploration illegally dedicated to the grass roots. However, until now no concrete solutions to ensure the country's forest area is not encroached upon by the Parties shall not be liable. Indeed, the exploration of forest illegally will certainly leave a variety of effects on the society and the nation.

Among the most significant impact due to the exploration of forest illegally the country will lose revenue due to timber stolen by parties responsible. Results of wood is a lucrative source of national opinion. Our country has a variety of wood species insights. For example cengal and meranti are two species of wood in the forest area of the country. This type of wood is now very difficult because has been stolen by the illegal conscious personal gain alone. This party did not change as in bush land release erectile dysfunction respectively. The illegal settlers don't watch out stomach and are willing to explore the forests without thinking about its impact on others. They also do not directly reflect the impact of their actions on the environment we are increasingly threatened. So, forest exploration illegally will cause the country to lose a lot of revenue wood.

The effect of which in turn is environment will be polluted due rain catchment. The environment is a precious treasure to mankind. Environment international brings many benefits at all creatures in this world. With the preservation of the environment environmentally sustainable balance will continue and life universal beings are well. Catchment area will certainly affect the environment. Plants that become a fortress for the defense of nature destroyed as a result of activities of forest that serves as a catchment. This is not change like putting salt on the wounds. The increasingly endangered environment doubtless became more severe with activity  this catchment. Therefore, forest exploration led to widespread contaminated environment.

Exploration of forest illegally will also cause flash floods in areas downstream by low river itself. Flash floods are natural disasters happening dramatically. Usually flash floods cause any trouble in the community because this disaster occurred suddenly, hence efforts to save themselves and property almost impossible. As a result of disasters such as this will result in deaths and extensive property loss. Even worse, the area is often hit by Flash flood in downstream of the river's low position. For example the Klang Valley is the more level areas which are often hit by flash floods due to forest exploration works at the last. Therefore, residents in Kuala Lumpur often afflicted in the event of heavy rain in the Highlands. This is not change others to eat the fruits, others to be a gum. In this regard, it is apparent the forest exploration will cause flash floods that seriously.

Finally, forest exploration illegally will also affect the habitat of animals covered by the Government. The forest is a natural habitat for many wild animals. This habitat became the animals feed, shelter, and multiply. This situation will allow the animal species continue to exist and be witnessed by human generations to come. Protected animal was animals that are endangered. Among them are the elephant, tapir, bear, tiger, and a variety of other animals. If the government does not take steps to protect these animals, there is a chance the animals concerned only the name only, in similar circumstances, as happened to the dinosaurs. Exploration of the forest will stunt efforts government like that in the upper echelons to dropout. So, there is no denying that the exploration of forest illegally will result in habitat affected animals, thereby threatening the survival of the animals covered.

In conclusion, the exploration of forest illegally and is not planned to be a lot of harm in humans and the environment. Therefore, all parties must synergize the energy and ideas to ensure that symptoms can be addressed immediately heavy saying same shouldered lightweight. If not, future generations will not enjoy the beauty of nature and recognize animal species present. The commitment and cooperation of all parties will certainly create country green and harmony.
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