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Friday, 17 April 2015

Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering covers the areas of interest and modification of human genetics, animals and crops. Had a lot of success achieved by foreign researchers in this area so that there is a widespread international coverage of the mass media. However, each technology is sure there are good and bad effects.

The possibility of positive aspects of genetic engineering is to couples who do not have children. Currently, there are already technologies and methods that enable such couples have children easily and safely. The existence of children in a family that is certainly able to give more cheerful atmosphere that dreamed of by man.

In fact, such technology can also make preliminary research to determine that the son who will be born that does not suffer from certain defects. Such actions make genetic determination is certainly able to give one peace of mind to parents who will receive in their life.

In fact, genetic engineering also has begun to affect positive in criminal cases and civil law. If formerly the police hard to resist attack without any concrete evidence of the problem now has disappeared because of the use of this technology will facilitate police to track criminals. At the same time, criminals will think twice before committing any acts of evil as aware any remnants of their genetics are definitely capable of being detected by police with ease.

The most interesting impact brought about by this technology was livestock industry will be able to expand. Definitely more high quality livestock breeds can produce easily and quickly. Live stock products such as providing a source of human protein which is essential for ensuring the continuity of human life. Farmers will not suffer any critical problems to produce good results.

However, genetic engineering also bring negative impact should be given emphasis by the hang of society. There will be specific groups who will use this technology to do something contrary to the teachings of religion and law. Clone man for something negative-related trouble society. Imagine a criminal able transformed easily past makes it difficult for the police to hold them from committing crime repeatedly.

In conclusion, genetic technology is human well but we have to realize client limitations that exist. Any effort to use this technology to bring problems to the human life should be banned by the Government. Technology developed to facilitate human life rather than bring negative impact.

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