Homeschooling | Cik Siti

Sunday, 22 March 2015


What is homeschooling? Homeschooling is when the children are educate at home. For my opinion, there are advantages and disadvantages about homeschooling.

The advantages of homeschooling are the children have more time to be with their family and also their parents can observe their children. This is because they are at home all the time. Furthermore, both of the parents and tutors can teach the children. They parents can decide who can be the tutors of their children. Thus, they can get the best tutor to teach.

For the disadvantages of homeschooling are, the children will have lesser friends than the children who go to school. They do not have social life when they homeschooling. Besides, they does not any opportunity to be independent.

For me, if I had given a choice to choose whether to go to school or homeschooling, I rather choose to go to school. Because for me, school is not the place that we go 24 hours everyday. It just for awhile and the rest of the time we can be with our family. Furthermore, we can get more friends at school and to know more people there. In real life, we need to be independent, to know people besides our family.
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