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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Technology Kills Humanity

In a borderless world, all the information is at the fingertips. Science and technology leads us to a change of life. Progress can not be denied. However, in the meantime, there are also denying the impact of science and technology. Various conclusions made by individuals on the basis of observations about the impact of science and technology either advances or even lead to the destruction of the universe.

There is no denying that science and technology have importance in the development of the global community. But it is also undeniable have an adverse effect on the country's development, including environmental and social problems. All this can not be avoided because sometimes people are busy pursuing development and sophistication even forget the adverse effects that would happen. All discoveries and inventions in science and technology that was born of the human mind sometimes misses the real purpose for not according to the principles outlined by Islam. Not surprisingly, many are now employing science and technology are also invited to harm if the boundaries of exploration science does not conform to what Islam has to say.

Now, the creation of a fairly sophisticated human findings in defense technology capable of protecting the country from enemy attack. Various forms of defense equipment from weapons to fight until the equipment also follow the progress of science and technology. From one angle, it may be good for the country but if he thinks might be more consequences resulting from the use of advanced tools of science and technology progress results. Ever wondered, that the sophistication of the tools of war can lead to destruction of the world including the environment and also the many souls who perished own deck of human greed. For example, the effects of the use of bombs or guns can destroy the environment. Even just to test the ability of a creation, sometimes it legislate to environmental degradation as leading to environmental pollution. Meanwhile, a high level of expertise and sophisticated equipment needed to build its own nuclear bomb.

Now the control of radioactive materials actually very loose as the increasingly widespread practice. The effects of a dirty bomb explosion might not be as powerful as a nuclear bomb but can spread radioactive materials and radiation led to a wider area. Of course it affects the psychology of the people who lack knowledge about radiation safety. Maybe he also created confusion and fear that will affect the activities of a society. Cleaning business areas contaminated with radiation is also costly and involves high labor intensive and sophisticated equipment. Is not it will affect the public order, causing the country's economic downturn but also spread via wind and air pressure to bordering countries. These effects were also feared by many for abuse advancement of existing technologies.

The rapidly evolving information technology to this day allows all people to information so easily. Various exploration information can be obtained without any restriction. By using information and communication technology, the wide open road preaching to deliver something useful to society. Yet despite the sophistication and technological advantages now, sticking a malignancy that is rarely thought as it arises unnoticed. Many of our young men and women affected by edge information technology. Its impact on the social development of our generation too big where they are preoccupied with the technology so that ignores moral values. For example, the internet is a storehouse of knowledge, but sometimes youngsters abusing its advantages by visiting our Web sites were obscene and immoral. This will affect the minds of these people and will damage the development of their nafs.
Advances in information technology also have adverse effects when now there were the invasion of the information referred to as "hackers" in a country where confidential information can be hacked easily. Through the latest technology, the modification of an image can be made. Sometimes it gives a bad impression because it can cause fitnah.

Biotechnology now propel the country towards development. Food engineering field through the latest technology capable of producing genetic modification of food (Genetically Modified Food) which features best as durable, sleek and refined, simple, inexpensive and increase crop production such as brown rice, tomato and chilli. Food produced is the same but have different properties that are included with various combinations of the genes of other organisms. What is the question of genetic resources used to produce custom food is feared than the things that are prohibited by legislation. GMF also affects human health because they contain impurities (allergen) is unknown adverse effects.

The issue of cloning warm attention of all parties. The results of technological advances capable of transferring genetic of one organism to organism. This will produce an organism similar to that of the parent. This issue is somewhat worrying for fear of being abused by certain parties for the purpose of human cloning. It is too deviated from the path of true religion. Similarly, the technology "stem cell" that many advantages in helping to overcome various diseases. But what is feared that if the use of "embryonic stem cell" would also be misused for human cloning.

As a result of advances in science and technology is now indeed many advantages besides leading to an embedded also disadvantages. The crux of any progress must be based on Islamic values ​​and in accordance with the exploration of the limits of science that has been set. Then progress and development we achieve undistorted and not harmful to the community because sometimes the ugliness we actually created it.
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