Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mega Giveaway Diari Jejaka Hangat 2015

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Kelebihan Perniagaan Online


Sekarang ni kita tengok ramai yang melangkah ke dalam dunia perniagaan. Bukan saja perniagaan online, malah offline juga kita dapat lihat macam cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan. Banyak yang diusahakan oleh anak-anak muda.

Kalau tengok kat Alor Setar, Kedah, banyak butik2 vendor yang ada. Sampai tak tau kat mana nak pergi. Concept yang boleh dikatakan sama saja walaupun owner lain-lain.

Hari ni aku nak bercakap tentang kelebihan perniagaan online. Sebab kalau kita tengok, perniagaan online ni terlalu banyak walaupun ramai yang pernah kena tipu dengan peniaga-peniaga online ni. Tapi permintaannya makin bertambah dari semasa ke semasa.

Business Online ni selalunya orang yang tidak mempunyai modal yang banyak untuk memulakan business. Sebabnya :-

1- Tak perlu sewa kedai. Hanya dengan duduk di rumah dan mempunyai line internet, sudah boleh buat marketing. Medium yang selalu orang gunakan adalah Facebook dan juga Instagram.

2- Pekerja pun tak perlu digaji. Kita sendiri boleh buat marketing, hantar barang kat customer, dan juga cari stock. Semuanya dihujung jari. Tak perlu tenaga kerja yang banyak untuk buat business online.

3- Pasaran untuk business online ni sangat besar. Sebab seluruh dunia menggunakan medium ini untuk berinteraksi antara satu dengan yang lain. Berniaga secara offline, masyarakat disekeliling kita saja la yang tau.

Kalau nak buat business online dan offline pun lagi bagus. Jika customer dari jauh berminat untuk membeli barangan anda, so boleh la diposkan. Tak perlu datang kedai. 2 in 1 punya concept. ^^ Yang dekat kita conquer, yang jauh pun kita conquer. Bukan nak suruh tamak ka apa. Peluang cuma datang sekali ja. Kalau kita tak grab, orang lain yang akan grab.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Malaysian Traditional Dance

Malaysia is a multiracial country and community that is made up of Malays, Indians, Chinese, IBANs and sumazau. A variety of tradition and culture which can be learnt from this multi-ethnic, especially can be seen from his dance. Dance can be defined as an art of dance movement of the body, legs and hands according to rhythm music played. Dance performed from each race has its own origin and purpose .For example mak yong, zapin dance, gamelan, bhrata natyam, kathak, and the sumazau ngajat.
Dance mak yong is a type of traditional Malay dance. Drama dance Mak Yong is as a form of Malay dance-drama combining elements of ritual, dance and acting, styled vocal music, songs, stories and texts a formal and casual speech. Created for the Royal family entertainment, particularly from the South of Thailand, this dance also combines a romantic drama, dance and by a charming style, about a golden age Sultanate. Fit presented after the villagers to finish rice harvest.
Zapin is a famous dance in the State of Johor. The word zapin is derived from Al-zaffan move away. Historically this dance was at first as entertainment dance in the palace brought from Hadramaut, Yemen South by Arab traders in the 13th century which aims to use the practice of chanting to spread knowledge about the history of Islamic civilization. Now, zapin is still presented in the formal and informal. For example weddings, opening ceremony and so on.

Gamelan dance began at the palaces in The Riau and Lingga were in the 17th century. It was first performed for the first time in public in Pekan Pahang in 1811 in ceremony Tengku Hussain.
According to Tengku Mariam, originally this dance consists of 77 types of Gamelan but today only 33 types of Gamelan only the effect of the absence of instructors of the dance. This dance is performed exclusively by female dancers staged internally or presentation open. Java element can be seen in terms of the art of dance. This dance is very beautiful and is a form of dance that is richest in terms of it's kind in most traditional Malay dance.

Sumazau dance is dance of the kadazan commonly performed during religious events and community. It is presented as a sign of gratitude for the rice harvest, to prevent evil spirits, and to cure diseases. Male and female dancers performed exciting dancewith slow and graceful movements that reflect the birds are flying.

The dragon dance is a traditional dance and performance in Chinese culture. Like lion dance, dragon dance often performed at the festive season. Chinese people always mention the "descendants of the Dragon" as a symbol of ethnic identity. In the mind of the Chinese, the Dragon is a profitable life. The Dragon represents unprecedented strength that can get rid of bad luck and prevent crime. Therefore, since the ancestors of while they celebrate Chinese new year, or lead the process to celebrate a God, even when there are natural disasters or personal disasters occur, they will hold a dragon dance to pray to get a blessing from heaven.

Fan dance is a type of dance requires 9 members, of which 7 women and 2 men. This type of dance shows that Chinese fans have a meaning well in the Chinese community where angel in the past always make fans as a tool needs. In addition, the wind is a tradition of the Chinese community, which the Chinese believe "Fung Shui" which is a belief in the Chinese community at large about a good and bad of a life in their place. Therefore, the dances are played so that this dance can bring benefits or "Fung Shui" to the rest of the members of the community.

Kathak dance is one of the Indian classical dance that originated in northern India.
The word Kathak comes from the Indian word that katha meaning "the art of story-telling". From its original nature which is the expression had nailed down to Hindu gods. Kathak has grown to command castles. During the era of Indian spring mogul in Kathak dance performance has shifted from Temple to spring Mogul castles. The art of Kathak dance has also combined with dance culture of Turkey and Persia. During this era the technique chakkar (swivel) was introduced, believed to be from Sufi Dances from Turkey. This Indian classical dance is a poetry in motion dance. Dramatic and vibrant dance is based on the ancient Indian epic story, and featuring more than 100 dance gestures and body style. In view of this dance is taking a long time to master, there are some dancers children who began training at age as five years.

The Ngajat dance for IBANs is current dance Hari Gawai. Dancers wearing traditionaldances such as the sirat, gagung, or bird shirts and hats decorated with feathers. Gagung is a type of thick shirt made of hard leather animals such as bear skin but not stitched left and his right. This dance is danced by standing above the circle up and down, accompanying dancers will jump with each song played rhythm is in accordance with ritual. Another dance was the dancer will hold wooden shields and swords in the hands of the left in his right hand then danced like the enemy with move his hands to the left and to the right. The tools used in this dance are as big and small, gong, drums, tawak, bebendai, engkurumong and Sapeh, which is a string instrument such as a guitar.

In conclusion, there are many other types of dance community in malaysia. All types of dance has its own history and purpose. As Malaysians, we should get to know the culture of each community in our country. For example knowing about dance culture and other cultures the Malaysian community. Thus indirectly, we are able to support the recommendation of the Prime Minister of a country.

A National Treasure

Exploration of forest illegally is frequently bandied society since the end of late. This has aroused concern among environmentalists and even society as a whole. The authorities had implemented various measures to ensure forest exploration illegally dedicated to the grass roots. However, until now no concrete solutions to ensure the country's forest area is not encroached upon by the Parties shall not be liable. Indeed, the exploration of forest illegally will certainly leave a variety of effects on the society and the nation.

Among the most significant impact due to the exploration of forest illegally the country will lose revenue due to timber stolen by parties responsible. Results of wood is a lucrative source of national opinion. Our country has a variety of wood species insights. For example cengal and meranti are two species of wood in the forest area of the country. This type of wood is now very difficult because has been stolen by the illegal conscious personal gain alone. This party did not change as in bush land release erectile dysfunction respectively. The illegal settlers don't watch out stomach and are willing to explore the forests without thinking about its impact on others. They also do not directly reflect the impact of their actions on the environment we are increasingly threatened. So, forest exploration illegally will cause the country to lose a lot of revenue wood.

The effect of which in turn is environment will be polluted due rain catchment. The environment is a precious treasure to mankind. Environment international brings many benefits at all creatures in this world. With the preservation of the environment environmentally sustainable balance will continue and life universal beings are well. Catchment area will certainly affect the environment. Plants that become a fortress for the defense of nature destroyed as a result of activities of forest that serves as a catchment. This is not change like putting salt on the wounds. The increasingly endangered environment doubtless became more severe with activity  this catchment. Therefore, forest exploration led to widespread contaminated environment.

Exploration of forest illegally will also cause flash floods in areas downstream by low river itself. Flash floods are natural disasters happening dramatically. Usually flash floods cause any trouble in the community because this disaster occurred suddenly, hence efforts to save themselves and property almost impossible. As a result of disasters such as this will result in deaths and extensive property loss. Even worse, the area is often hit by Flash flood in downstream of the river's low position. For example the Klang Valley is the more level areas which are often hit by flash floods due to forest exploration works at the last. Therefore, residents in Kuala Lumpur often afflicted in the event of heavy rain in the Highlands. This is not change others to eat the fruits, others to be a gum. In this regard, it is apparent the forest exploration will cause flash floods that seriously.

Finally, forest exploration illegally will also affect the habitat of animals covered by the Government. The forest is a natural habitat for many wild animals. This habitat became the animals feed, shelter, and multiply. This situation will allow the animal species continue to exist and be witnessed by human generations to come. Protected animal was animals that are endangered. Among them are the elephant, tapir, bear, tiger, and a variety of other animals. If the government does not take steps to protect these animals, there is a chance the animals concerned only the name only, in similar circumstances, as happened to the dinosaurs. Exploration of the forest will stunt efforts government like that in the upper echelons to dropout. So, there is no denying that the exploration of forest illegally will result in habitat affected animals, thereby threatening the survival of the animals covered.

In conclusion, the exploration of forest illegally and is not planned to be a lot of harm in humans and the environment. Therefore, all parties must synergize the energy and ideas to ensure that symptoms can be addressed immediately heavy saying same shouldered lightweight. If not, future generations will not enjoy the beauty of nature and recognize animal species present. The commitment and cooperation of all parties will certainly create country green and harmony.

Traditional Foods

Malaysia is known for its nickname, which in ' food heaven ' in the region. Malaysians and foreign tourists to Malaysia certainly spoilt with delicacies, especially traditional food on offer in our country. Delicious and unique traditional food that we enjoy is no relative gauge with food-world class food. In fact ,the traditional food of the plural society in our country like a skewer, boiled noodles, koew teow, roti canai, lemang, ketupat nasi and more economically viable to catapult the nation and the country.

First of all, the traditional food industry to produce a personal human capital and patriotic. This is so because traditional food important in continuing the customs and cultural heritage inherited by generations by ancestors of the plural society in Malaysia. In the context of Malaysian society, traditional food is an important element to represent the identity and uniqueness of a culture and nation. Therefore, if young people in Malaysia are aware of the unique and special features of the respective culture, then will not the occurrence of the loss and extinction of traditional culture and customs of the various ethnic groups in society among young people, better known as the ' generation Y ' Malay proverbs saying "let the dead child, do not die tradition".

In addition, the local traditional food also helps to develop the tourism industry in our country. Traditional food such as a skewer, roti canai and Chicken Rice hainan could tempt travelers to come visit in addition to admire the landscape of Malaysia because Malaysian taste special and different from the food-food in foreign countries must be able to attract attention and open the options tourists both foreign and local visitors. In fact, there are some tourists who visit to Malaysia alone is to enjoy a delicious and unique traditional food-rich recipes and spices. Traditional food plays a role in attracting tourists to visit our country as well as visit Malaysia Campaign launch 2014 recently.

In addition, traditional food are also able to improve the lives of the rural population in particular. Traditional food such as keropok lekor, budu and banana chips play a very important role in the development of small scale industries in the country. For example, the Government has introduced the "small and medium enterprises" (SME) in some States like Kelantan, Perak and Terengganu which aims to boost the traditional nutrition industry hub as input and primary economic generator for the villagers and surrounding communities. As a result, rural residents are not merely carry out subsistence economy traditionally like rice and fish to support family life but also capable to establish food processing factories in traditional small scale before being marketed on capital and technology assistance by the Government.

Further, the infrastructure and facilities in suburban areas can be developed upon the establishment of factories and food processing traditional growing your own mushrooms grow after the rain. It happens so because opening and improvement of infrastructures such as roads and other public facilities can facilitate and generate income for the local people above all as a result of the traditional food of rural villages can be marketed in major cities nationwide by the efficiency of the transportation system and marketing. In addition, many job opportunities can be created as a result of the construction of food processing factories and thus encourage migration of traditional population Malay proverbs. As a result, the country will experience the transformation process as big cities that are equipped with various facilities such as Internet access and LRT and monorail service, ETS.

Traditional food industry also income of the people and the country. This is because traditional food is processed and packaged before being exported to other countries. This proactive effort could bring lucrative returns, thus adding income people. Traditional Malaysian food such as dodol, kuih kapit, bahulu and also be promoted to all over the world and received encouraging response from the international community. A warm welcome from the community abroad will not only promote local traditional food industry but also competitive to generate income to the people and the country.

From the perspective of the other side, the traditional food industry also are able to foster unity among the plural society in our country made up of multiracial society, religion and race. This is so because traditional food specific tribes are also acceptable and enjoyed together by other Nations in our country. For example, traditional food such as roti canai not only favored by certain tribes but also favourite by other races in the country. They will be able to sit down to enjoy the traditional food along with a cup of tea or coffee while chatting in a good will. Such is unable to open the way to further efforts by the Government to strengthen the relationships between peoples or people of various ethnic groups and religions in the country at the same time fostering and strengthening in line with the slogan which basic unity progress.

In conclusion, traditional food industry plays an important role in the process of nation-building and national as well as an effective means to promote the benefits and uniqueness owned a plural society in our country on the international stage. According to people, don't know then it wasn't love. Therefore, all parties including the people should work together to develop the traditional food processing industry up to international level. It is time, the people of multiple races and religions take to know, learn to understand and appreciate the unique and traditional specialties Malaysian society in the process of nation-building and thus go hand in hand with the Government to realize vision 2020.

School Based Assesment

School based assessment is a form of evaluation of a holistic, cognitive aspects of assessment (intellect), affective (emotional spiritual &) and psychomotor (physical) in line with national education Philosophy assessing the academic PBS and non-academic.

The LATTER refers to a test given by the teacher to the students after the end of topic learning. Tests given tested with a variety of BANDS from the Band 1 to 6 Bands of different difficulty and the question of which vary according to the needs of achievement outlined. "

If reviewed more thoroughly, PBS actually have long assessed through the granting of homework, quizzes, projects, oral tests and a variety of activities involving student learning either in or outside the classroom. Improvement of the SBA conducted last year sets out standards and application usage management system PBS (SPPBS) for the purpose of recording student achievement on an ongoing basis.

PBS if reviewed more depth is actually good but the effectiveness to the development of students is likely to be limited. There are several problems involved in ' processdevelopment/students ' with the use of the PBS system at school from their point of view. Among them is a system of learning and teaching in class is limited, student problems and remove the time and waste paper.

All relevant parties in the realization of this LATTER system should review all, true or not a teacher be able to assess the level of student achievement through SBA test alone, while many from among the teachers themselves are still not able to integrate PBS very well. In addition, the student will not be serious to learn and will be a lot of play because they know the subject they learn will not be evaluated in large exam.

Not want to support the Government's efforts in the use of the PBS system, but the development of students actually could not be measured by the quantity and qualitative. In the opinion of their views, this is also not the PBS system helps to reduce teachers ' workload, but also add in terms of clerical work teachers location ... teachers and less time figuring out a range of activities that could be of interest to students in the process of P&P if already occupied with this PBS system.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering covers the areas of interest and modification of human genetics, animals and crops. Had a lot of success achieved by foreign researchers in this area so that there is a widespread international coverage of the mass media. However, each technology is sure there are good and bad effects.

The possibility of positive aspects of genetic engineering is to couples who do not have children. Currently, there are already technologies and methods that enable such couples have children easily and safely. The existence of children in a family that is certainly able to give more cheerful atmosphere that dreamed of by man.

In fact, such technology can also make preliminary research to determine that the son who will be born that does not suffer from certain defects. Such actions make genetic determination is certainly able to give one peace of mind to parents who will receive in their life.

In fact, genetic engineering also has begun to affect positive in criminal cases and civil law. If formerly the police hard to resist attack without any concrete evidence of the problem now has disappeared because of the use of this technology will facilitate police to track criminals. At the same time, criminals will think twice before committing any acts of evil as aware any remnants of their genetics are definitely capable of being detected by police with ease.

The most interesting impact brought about by this technology was livestock industry will be able to expand. Definitely more high quality livestock breeds can produce easily and quickly. Live stock products such as providing a source of human protein which is essential for ensuring the continuity of human life. Farmers will not suffer any critical problems to produce good results.

However, genetic engineering also bring negative impact should be given emphasis by the hang of society. There will be specific groups who will use this technology to do something contrary to the teachings of religion and law. Clone man for something negative-related trouble society. Imagine a criminal able transformed easily past makes it difficult for the police to hold them from committing crime repeatedly.

In conclusion, genetic technology is human well but we have to realize client limitations that exist. Any effort to use this technology to bring problems to the human life should be banned by the Government. Technology developed to facilitate human life rather than bring negative impact.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Menjana Hobi Menghasilkan Pulangan


Ramai dalam kalangan kita yang mempunyai hobi tertentu. Sebenarnya ramai ahli perniagaan yang berjaya kerana memulakan perniagaan dengan suka-suka pada peringkat awal. Ia bermula dengan melakukan perkara yang diminati dan lama-kelamaan membuahkan hasil. Ini adalah realiti. Apabila kita melakukan perkara yang bermanfaat kepada orang ramai, seperti berkongsi ilmu memasak, akhirnya ia menjana pulangan yang besar kepada beliau.

Walaubagaimanapun, perniagaan bukan melakukan perkara yang kita suka semata-mata. Terdapat golongan yang membuat perkara yang diminati tetapi apabila dikomersialkan, ia tidak menghasilkan pulangan lumayan. Oleh itu, penting untuk kita memastikan hobi itu dapat menjana pulangan dengan cara yang betul. Sekiranya kita bijak dalam promosi, ia pasti menjadi.

Selalunya, sekiranya perkara yang baik, ia mudak tersebar. Apabila kemudahan internet digunakan untuk tujuan komunikasi, ia menambah peluang untuk kita menyebarkan produk, serta apa jua bahan yang mahu dipasarkan. Memang tidak dinafikan, terdapat banyak persaingan. Walau bagaimanapun, sekiranya kita dapat menghasilkan sesuatu yang terbaik, ia pasti menjadi pilihan pelanggan.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Malaysian Cars Vs Foreign Cars

Malaysia's car industry is dominated by two local manufacturers. These local manufacturers are Proton and Perodua.

There are also foreign cars such as Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and etc. Everywhere we go, we can see both Malaysian cars and foreign cars along the roadside. Some people like Malaysian cars more than foreign cars and vice versa.

Why people like Malaysian cars more?
This is because Malaysian cars are cheaper rather than foreign cars. Almost all college students and fresh graduate will choose Malaysian cars. It is suitable for those who are start working.

For me, although foreign cars are more expensive than Malaysian cars, I would choose foreign cars. This is because it specs are better. Furthermore, those cars are long lasting.

Different people, different perception. Either you choose foreign cars or Malaysian cars, it is up to you. Both have pros and cons. So choose wisely.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Kenapa Bangsa Cina Lagi Maju Dari Melayu?


Mungkin topik kali ni agak racist. Tapi, kena cakap jugak pasal topik ni. Not all Malay tak maju. Ada yang maju gak kan. Tapi kenapa lebih ramai Cina yang maju?

Cuba korang tengok, hampir 85% ekonomi Malaysia dipelopori oleh Cina. Mana pi semua Melayu? Sedangkan ni tanah kita.

Dari pandangan aku la kan. Kat bawah ni mungkin sebab-sebab kenapa Cina lebih maju dari Melayu.

 Majoriti bangsa Cina terlibat diri dalam perniagaan baik halal dan haram.Seperti kata Nabi Muhammad 9 per sepuluh rezeki adalah dari Perniagaan.Tapi malangnya Bangsa cina yang kebanyakan bukan islam merebut sunnah nabi manakala melayu kebanyakannya bila dipelawa untuk bisnes dan buat duit akan berkata bisnes nie penipu ada yang berkata sakit kepala la buat bisnes baik kerja saja

Majoriti berkata tak payah la kita nak buat duit banyak banyak bukan duit itu boleh masuk kubur pun

Akibat dari ayat di atas kita makin mundur dan ke belakang

Tahu kenapa??

Jika bangsa kita cari banyak duit dan kita mati duit itu boleh dijana bangsa kita masa akan datang dan boleh terus maju

Ini adalah kenyataan tahukah anda bangsa cina mempunyai pertubuhan kongsi yang menjaga bisnes dan pendidikan bangsa

Bila ada bangsa nya ingin meniaga atau teruskan perniagaan pertubuhan kongsi ini akan terus menyalurkan bantuan tahu sebab apa sebab bangsa nya tak berhenti cari duit bila mereka masuk kubur pun duit orang yang usaha masuk kubur tue bantu bangsa nya berjaya

Memang gila fakta saya tapi fikirkan jika anda dapat cari RM1juta dalam hidup anda dan tiba tiba anda mati anda boleh fikir untuk wakafkan duit anda untuk pendidikan bangsa melayu dan bila banyak bangsa kita berpendidikan maka ekonomi kita meningkat juga dengan wang kita cari itu bila kita mati kelak kita boleh beri pada bangsa kita yang ingin memulakan perniagaan

Jadi perlukah kita cari duit sebanyak mungkin walaupun kita akan masuk kubur.Jawapannya amat perlu 

Lagi satu bangsa cina mempunyai semangat bangsa yang begitu tinggi untuk meningkatkan bangsanya.Ia tidak akan membiarkan bangsanya hidup susah

Ini adalah kenyataan di Pulau Pinang kebanyakan bangsa cina di sini bila dah kaya mereka akan buka pelbagai perniagaan untuk bagi bangsa mereka pekerjaan dan duit

Manakala kita melayu yang kaya bukan semua yang bantu akibatnya bangsa kita banyak menganggur dan masalah sosial melayu makin teruk. Melayu sama Melayu pun boleh ada hasad dengki. hurmmm

Yang paling best saya lihat bangsa Cina mereka suka merebut bidang kemahiran dan sukakan subjek yang mencabar

Lihat sekeliling anda jika nak buat rumah nak apa pun bangsa ini yang senang dihubungi manakala bangsa melayu kita hanya sedikit yang ada

Teruskan berusaha dan jangan gentar

Kenapa mereka boleh, kita tak boleh? sedangkan kita manusia jugak. Cuma mahu dengna tak mahu ja.

Kita harus bangkit dan usaha jangan pernah putus asa

Usaha tangga kejayaan cari kelemahan anda dan perbaiki untuk jadi lebih hebat

Semoga berjaya amin

Friday, 3 April 2015

Bilingual Education

According to Wikipedia, bilingual education involves teaching academic content in two languages, in native and secondary language with varying amounts of each language used in accordance with the program model.

When I am in form 1 until form 5, I learnt Mathematics and Science in English. But the teachers teach us in two language which are Malay and English. This is because we are not familiar in this form of teaching. Our Mathematics and Science exam papers also have English and the translation in Malay.

For me, bilingual education has many benefits to youngster. This is because they can improve their  English in  future. 

What can I see in my college, students that do not learnt English in Mathematics and Science subjects, they have difficulties in learning the subjects at college. This is because all the subjects at the college are all in English except for few subjects in Malay.

Nowadays, most jobs requires the candidates that can talk in English. Many people said that bilingual education is not good because they thought that the young generation would forget their native language. But they are wrong.

If they can improve their English, not surprising at all they can succeed in future. Not in Malaysia, but world wide.

Most Successful Leader In Malaysia


The words "leader" means the person who leads or commands a group, organization or country. For this entry, I would like to write about The Most Successful Leader In Malaysia who leads Malaysia from zero until what you see Malaysia today.

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was born on 10th July 1925. Tun Dr. Mahathir also known as Dr. M who is the forth Prime Minister of Malaysia. He became Malaysia's Prime Minister for 22 years.

His memorable effort is he brought Malaysia out from the Asian Financial Crisis 1997 in which he had rejected the proposal and the grant from IMF which he described would exacerbate the crisis.

In the days of his administration, there a many high profile-projects (also called "mega project"), such as Penang Bridge, Petronas Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), The Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) and many more.

Retired in October 2003, Dr Mahathir was awarded the Decoration Seri Maharaja Mangku Negara which carries the title Tun. He also named as "Father of Modernisation of Malaysia". Period of 22 years as Prime Minister makes him as the second-longest prime minister in Southeast Asia after President Suharto of Indonesia.
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