Saturday, 31 January 2015

Early Childhood Education Shapes Children Personality

Early childhood is a stage in human development. The first five years of human development, are so important. Because at this stage, the children’s brain expand and become more developed. When the children being educated at this stage, they can easily learn new things.

Early childhood education important in intelectual development, emotional, cognitive and communication.

These not only learn at pre-school, but also at home. The parents should know how to educate their child so that in the future they do not regret of the past.

This is because, early childhood education shapes children personality.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Business : Rose Cupcakes


Sorry, dah lama kot tak update entry. Busy lately sebab banyak order Rose Cupcakes ni.

Malam ni aku nak jamu korang dengan gambar Rose Cupcakes Cik Siti. Hee

ok, sekarang jom tido.
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